Concrete like a non-fiction book. Compelling like a novel. Narrative like a podcast.

What’s inside?

Democracy is much more than a form of government. It is a way of life! But our way of life is on the brink of collapse. The author tackles this complex subject with astonishing ease. The result is a non-fiction book that is fun to read. It tells a story as vividly as that of a novel or a podcast. Featured within: Joe Biden, Sanna Marin, Robert Habeck, Justin Trudeau, and many other world leaders. After five years of research, readers are now presented with hundreds of lessons learned across 39 countries, as well as exciting facts, futurology, thorough analyses, and inspiring optimism. And above all: the formula for saving democracy. A must-read for everyone who loves our way of life – even for readers who are not interested in politics.

Nothing boring. We are talking about our way of life. Not just a form of government.

“Let’s save our democracy!” is refreshingly optimistic. As concrete as a non-fiction book, as narrative as a podcast, and as exciting as a novel, it tells the story of Agora and Ben – democracy and its management consultant. Agora, the initially arrogant heroine with her coiffed hair, transforms into an uncomplicated woman with fuzzy bangs and sneakers. Together, they determine what is needed to make democracy fit for the future. Treating it like a relationship that citizens will fall in love with all over again. Because democracy allows us all to be who we want to be. It is not only a form of government, but also a way of life. Our entire lifestyle would be unimaginable without democracy. It gives us all the freedom we could ever want…

Ensuring a better future, especially for our children.

Whether you’re interested
in fashion, music, or movies.
Whether you’re vegetarian
or vegan. Or you prefer meat without breading. Yoga or boxing.
There are no rules!
Who wants the state to interfere?

Which profession.
Children or none.

Who wants the state to interfere?

Prof. Bernd Thomsen is a strategic future economist. Voted “Global Innovation Expert No. 1” by 2,000 international business experts, the global management consultancy’s CEO helps governments and companies utilize times of fundamental change as opportunities to develop new strategies.
Bernd Thomsen is the founder of various organizations, including the Hall of Future. It honors personalities who are committed to qualitative economics and advocates for an economy of the future. 
He also teaches at renowned universities across Asia and Europe.

Easy to understand, entertaining, and full of substance.
From the consultant that CEOs and world leaders turn to.

As one of the world’s most renowned futurologists, the economist and master strategist Prof. Bernd Thomsen tackles the issue of saving democracy as if it were a speed bump. What strategies will benefit democracy? And what plan of action is best? In five chapters, readers are taken on an extraordinary rescue mission from Hamburg to New York. The author doesn’t restrict himself to revealing important future developments and up-to-date background knowledge. He also provides access to further know-how. If you hold your smartphone up to certain pages of the book, more information, photos, and videos will appear on your screen. Along the way, readers can take a look behind the scenes and discover the secrets of a management consultancy. But the most important thing is that this consultant, who is trusted by world leaders and CEOs, presents a strategy developed over five years – complete with a three-part solution formula and nine specific measures.

Hold your smartphone above a page of the book. You will immediately have access to more information, photos, and videos.

The prints contain all the facts and knowledge of classic non-fiction books, but in a short and easy-to-understand format.

The prints contain all the facts and knowledge of classic non-fiction books, but in a short and easy-to-understand format.

Do you love your freedom? Then read this book!

Biden or Macron...
Behind the scenes with 25 political greats!

In business, politics, and society, we are facing challenges that are endangering our democracy. What does this mean for our country? We cannot avoid the discussion – democracy concerns us all. “Let’s save our democracy!” is the result of five years of research conducted in 39 countries, including 22 fully-fledged democracies.
The findings are imperative. We can save democracy – we just have to take matters into our own hands. The author demonstrates its value: the most talented, successful, and happy people live in democracies. These democracies are also most beneficial for the planet and the people. Readers also get a behind-the-scenes look at the 25 most important world leaders, such as Joe Biden or Emmanuel Macron. Robert Habeck is also in the mix… even Justin Trudeau’s tattoo. But then Putin invades Ukraine…

Also featured: Justin Trudeau's tattoo. But then Putin invades Ukraine...


A strategy. A solution formula. Concrete measures.

Five years of research across 39 countries.

Or would you like to live differently?

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